• Immigration
  • The earliest Chinese immigrants came to America because they thought they could have a better life. Unfortunately that was usually not the case.

  • Old Chinatown
  • “In the first few years the Chinese were welcomed, praised, and considered almost indispensable. There were no race antipathy in those days. It was subordinated to industrial necessity and the Chinaman could find room something more than toleration.” (McLeod 55).

  • Modern Chinatown
  • San Francisco Chinatown is a happening place now. When people visit San Francisco they have to visit Chinatown because it is the city’s top tourist attraction.

  • Family History
  • My own family history inspired me to do this project on Chinatown. My great grandfather was a very prominent businessman in New York Chinatown, and even served as Chinatown’s “mayor” for more than two decades.

  • On-Site Observation
  • For my on-site observation, I took a walking tour of San Francisco Chinatown. The tour group is called Wok Wiz Chinatown Tours since the tours are on foot (walk) and are oriented around food (wok).

  • Book Review
  • I believe that anyone who wants to learn about the racism and hardships the Chinese in America endure should read this book. Anybody who loves a good book about teamwork and proving one’s self should read Dragon Road.

  • Final Thoughts
  • For the last two months I have been researching the history of San Francisco Chinatown. I felt deeply connected to this topic because of my great grandfather. He was considered a pioneer, a leader, and a advocate for Chinese rights.